JUNE 2015: 

Eco-Logic volunteering becomes Eco-Logic Voluntourism!

Have a look at our new voluntourism projects! We are sure you will like them!

After 10 years working we had to change our program on volunteering.

We will not stop, but volunteering is now called VOLUNTOURISM. 

All information about the possible projects on:

  • short term voluntourism (1 week or longer): ecologic farming, yoga, culture&cuisine and activities
  • Midterm voluntourism (1 month): Artist in Residence, In Balance arrangement, Internship and Workexperience
  • Longterm voluntourism (2 to 3 months): yoga teacher and garden coordinator

can be found on our Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity website.

We hope you find the arrangements as interesting as our previous projects.

And for all of you who helped us making a difference in the last 10 years: KAB KUHN KAH!

Eco-Logic Voluntourism

Eco-Logic Voluntourism is a project of  Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity.


Eco-Logic is a guesthouse, yoga retreat, offers indoor- and outdoor activities and has a restaurant.


Eco-Logic is set up to support the projects of the Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF).


With your stay as a guest or participant in the voluntourism arrangements you directly support the projects of TCDF.


For that we would like to thank you in advance!

Participate with a group or your family?

Would you like to come with a group of people for our ecologic-farming volunteer project? 

Or do you want tobring your family?


It's all possible!

Please send us a message for more information.

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